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The free spin bonus
Out of all the different bonuses that online casinos offer these days, the free spin bonus is the one most players look for. More than deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses, we are drawn to the free spin bonus, but what exactly is a free spin bonus and how does it all work?

What is a free spin?
Free spins are exactly that, free spins on slot machines that will let you win real money without you having to spend your own money. A lot of slot machines offer free spins, but only after you have played for real money and won the free spins. Those are often referred to as bonus rounds.
When we are talking about a free spin bonus however, we are talking about spins given to you for free by the online casino. They often come as part of the welcome bonus or as a reload bonus.

Free spins VS No deposit free spins
Reading our casino reviews or looking at an online casino’s promotion page, you will come across several different free spins. Free spins and no deposit free spins will be the most common ones.
The only difference between the two is that free spins will require you to make a deposit of real money first. For example, you make a deposit of 20 pounds and the casino gives you a 100% deposit bonus and 30 free spins.

No deposit free spins on the other hand, are yours without making any deposit. Since you don’t have to make a deposit, the number of free spins are usually fairly low. No deposit free spins will often be given as a teaser and only require you to sign up for an account. –
Some casinos will also use no deposit free spins as a bonus to loyal players when they reach a new VIP level or just as a friendly offer (often sent via email) to get them to visit the casino over the weekend.

Can you win real money with free spins?
The simple answer to that question is; yes, of course you can! The money you win using free spins will be added to your account immediately, just like with any other spin. Most free spin bonuses will however come with certain wagering requirements and you should always read the terms and conditions.

Why would a casino give me free spins?
Free spins have been one of the most popular casino bonuses for a long time and most new casinos will offer some sort of free spins to their players.
The reason for giving you free spins is the same as for any other bonus. At first they give them to you so that you will join the casino and start gambling. Later on, they are given as a gift to loyal players, just like your local shop or bar offers loyalty cards.

How much can I win playing free spins?
A common misconception is that you can win the jackpot when using free spins. In most cases, and by most we mean 99.99%, there will be a limit to how much you can win when playing with free spins.
The reason for this is simple. Today we have slot machines offering jackpots worth millions of pounds and the casino can’t risk losing that kind of money. Therefore, there will be limits to the value of the free spin and how much you can win. The limit might be 1,000 pounds and it might be 10,000 pounds, but there will be a limit.

Wagering requirements
Now for the not so fun part of free spins, the wagering requirements. This basically means that . The wagering requirements will differ a lot, but x 30 is the industry standard.
For example; the casino gives you 100 free spins and after using all of them you have won 500 pounds. If the wagering requirements for the free spin bonus is x 30, you will have to wager 15,000 pounds (500 x 30) before requesting a transfer to your personal account.

Completely free free spins
Many feel that if the casino can call it free spins, the spins and the winnings should in fact be free. Now, we can’t really disagree with that, but at the same time we understand where the casino is coming from. As slot developers keep coming up with new slot machines that offer 10,000 x winnings or more, the risk for the casino is astronomical.
And let’s face it, if the casino was to lose that kind of money, they would be out of business and where would that leave us? –
Despite the risk, there are casinos offering completely free, free spins that require no deposit and come with no wagering requirements. Such bonuses are extremely rare, but they can be found, often from brand new casinos trying to make a big splash as they open for the first time, or by casinos taking care of their biggest high rollers.

So, should you take advantage of free spin bonuses?
YES, of course! Free spins in any form is one of the best bonuses you can get from any casino online and even though they come with wagering requirements and limited winnings, they give you the chance to win big! And in the end, that’s what we are all hoping to do.