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Deposit and withdrawals from online casinos
When playing online, there are certain things we all expect to just work smoothly and hassle free. Customer support, web site load time, fast working software, and speedy deposits and withdrawals. If a casino has all this under control and on top of that offers a good selection of bonuses and slots, we’re happy!

Most casinos have all this under control, except for when it comes to withdrawals. That can be somewhat of a nightmare at some casinos. But why is that? After all, it only takes seconds to make a deposit.

How to make a deposit of real money to a online casino
Setting up an account at a new online casino is normally done in 1-3 minutes. Once that’s done, you are ready to make a deposit of funds so that you can get your hands on the welcome bonus. The process is extremely simple and all you need is a bank card like Visa or Mastercard, or e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal.

Does it cost money to make a deposit?
Yes and no. Some very few casinos will charge you a small fee when making a deposit depending on which payment solution you use. However, this is rare, but you can easily check this by visiting their website or contacting customer support first.

If the casino of your choice does not charge you when making deposits, that doesn’t mean that there are no charges involved. Your bank or credit card provider may still charge you.

The bank won’t let me transfer money to the casino
If you are not able to transfer money to the casino using your bank card, there could be several reasons that the casino has no control over. For one, you could be trying to make a deposit using a credit card, meaning you are trying to play with borrowed money and in many countries that is against the law.

Another problem could be that the bank has to follow government regulations that states that they are not allowed to transfer money if they have reason to believe the money is going to be used for gamling purposes.

The way around problems like these, is to first transfer the money to a third-party provider such as Neteller, Paypal, Skrill or others.

How do I know what payment providers I can use at the casino?
You should always check which providers the casino offers before setting up an account. You can either visit the casino’s website, or simply read our casino reviews. We always look at the payment options the casino offers and how long they take to possess a withdrawal request.

How do I get my winnings?
When you have won some money and want to make a transfer from the casino to your bank account, just go to “my account” and click “Withdrawal”. You will then get a selection of providers to choose from.

Simply choose the option you like and enter the amount you want to transfer.

Things to think about before making a withdrawal:

1: Are all your papers in order? When setting up an account at a casino, you only have to provide basic information, such as name, date of birth and address. But if you want to withdraw funds you need to provide a lot more info, like a copy of passport, proof of address, etc. Without these papers, the casino won’t be able to transfer your money.

2: Have you met the wager requirements that come with the welcome bonus or any other bonus you’ve accepted? If you request a withdrawal without having met the wager requirements, the casino will deny the request.

3: You might not be able to use the payment provider of your choice. This is something you should check before making a deposit. Many casinos will only allow you to make a withdrawal using the same method you used when making a deposit. In other words, if you made a deposit using Skrill, you might not be able to make withdrawals using any other provider.

The reason for this is to combat money laundering, and more and more casinos are going down this route.

4: Check what the taxman says. This will vary from country to country, but it’s always good to be sure. Some countries will not make you pay tax on casino winnings, whilst others may charge only for bigger wins, for example over 10.000. The thing to remember is that they will often be talking about 1 big win. That means that if you withdraw 11.000, but that’s the total sum of several smaller wins, you need to ask the casino for a list of all single winnings, so that you have proof for when the taxman comes knocking.