Bonus hunt for beginners! Online slots – free spins and bonuses

OK, after my Millionaire video the other day I fancied a bit more of a blast online. I played a variety of games so I’ve turned the video into my first attempt at a bonus hunt.

I do like the concept of the MegaWays slots so I had a bash at a few to see how easily I could get the bonuses. Also played a few others that seem to be online favourites. Generally fairly low stakes in the hope of keeping it sensible.

Seems a real variance of how easily you’ll land a bonus, but guess that’s the luck of the draw with these style games. Some seemed to bonus very easily, some were impossible! I got a free spins bonus on Millionaire within 10 presses, but I gave up with Bonanza after far too much money.

Jackpot Jimmy’s tip of the day: Wild Swarm is a dangerous game! The bonus you can see in this video cost an absolute fortune and took several hours. Not sure I’ll be doing that again in a hurry.

The highlights from my session here, both good and bad. Enjoy!